Shen zhen Fairness Silicone Rubber Manufactory LTD

Company Profile
Shenzhen fairness company is an innovative enterprise which is a specialized R&D. produce and sale of silicone rubber and silk-screen products. The leading products are: edible and medical treatment class silicone products(cake baking tray, bread baking tray, ice tray, ad coaster napkin, thermalinsulation pad, thermalinsulation glove, message patch, bra, infant nipple, infection component)、special type silicone rubber(Pads series and goods series like anti-skidding, shockproof, oil-resistant, abrasion&press resistant, acid-base resistant, antiflaming, seal, thermostability, cold-resistant, anti-aging, etc) and any other fashionable silicone rubber decorations, protecting jacket(watchband, wristband, trademark label, WAP sheath,MP3 sheath, PSP sheath, computer mobile HDD, auto wheel sheath, etc) for series products.   Our company located in Shenzhen guangdong, PRC. Possess the professional administration of manufacturing , technical talents and the advanced product equipments. From R&D, mold design, die making , finished product putout, product deliver then to after service. We serve for the whole set service.   Our products widespread used in tableware and kitchen wares, electronics, communications, tool, timekeepers, domestic appliance, women&infants use, gift ornaments, medical apparatus and instruments, exerciser and other machining equipments for each industrial.  Integrity, Cohesion, Enterprising, Innovation------enterprise spiritTo move forward a single step every day, pursuit for excellence forever, achieve social value --------operation principle        Quality assurance, timely delivery guarantee---------operation orientation  Quality foremost, improvement constant, customer supreme, mutual benefit ---------Quality policy Along with the social progress, economic development, we are planning to guide into ISO9001 QMS QAS and EMS. We will focus on fire-new management philosophy, scientific management system. Advanced manufacturing equipments, skilled technology. For the purpose of marketable competitiveness, we will improve the quality and management philosophy, and wholeheartedly serve to our customer a high quality service to meet the fresh demand of silicone rubber products of modern science and technology. We located in wanfeng industrial park, shajing town, baoan district, shenzhen,guangdong,PRC. The transportation is very convenient, and we wholeheartedly welcome all distinguished guests and friends.

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MIIT:Cantonese ICP Record No.12069797   TEL:0755-27230300 Add:Changpu community third industrial ,SaJing streets,Baoan,ShenZhen

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